Perl stat example

Perl stat example

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perl example stat

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stat(FILE_HANDLE_OR_FILE_NAME), Returns file statistics in a 13-element array... To see when the beginning of your machine'sPerl one liner and stat function23 Mar 2009Re^3: Practical example of "Is Perl code maintainable" (File 14 Aug 2007Extract file type from stat() mode26 May 2005Using stat() to get the total size of files in a folder24 May 2002More results from www.perlmonks.orgPerl, Reading dir and getting stat() for each file - Stack 11, 2011 - In Perl, When I'm trying to read dir in a loop, and perform for each file stat() in order to get $size and $mode , I get wrong data! For example, I Nov 30, 2008 - However I can't find any examples of correct use of this - there are none in the Perl manual. Can anyone show an example of how to use it? usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use File::stat; my $filesize = stat("test.txt")->size; print "Size: This would produce identical output to the previous example. Go to top. Perl stat Function - Learning Perl in simple and easy steps - A beginner's tutorial containing complete Following is the example code showing its basic usage: Aug 6, 2011 - Examples of the Perl stat function - How to determine the access or modification time of a file. Show recent pages Example: if (-x $file && (($d) = stat(_)) && $d < 0) {; print "$file is executable NFS file\n";; }. stat. Perl and file mtime PHP, Perl, Python and/or MySQL. my $mtime = (stat $current_file)[9]; $mtime = parsedate($mtime); my $modifiedtime How about adding some prints of $mtime in the first example at the different steps to If stat is passed the special filehandle consisting of an underline, no stat is done, Example: if (-x $file && (($d) = stat(_)) && $d < 0) { print "$file is executable In the previous example, Perl read the keyboard to get the standard input. Perl 5 version 20.1 documentation. Oct 21, 2000 - mtime as returned by (stat($filename))[9] is seconds since the epoch on your particular platform.
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