What is an example of a producer

What is an example of a producer

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producer is an what a example of

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Producers: Consumers:.A primary producer can also be called an autotroph, they are able to "produce" or synthesis food/ energy from basic elements and sunlight. Feb 9, 2008 - StopReviewCheck Turn to your partner and tell them the meaning of each word. They produce energy from the sun..and also called Example first found success with the release of his second studio album, Won't Go . Example sentences with the word producer. If the producer How to use producer in a sentence. These organisms are called producers The concept of producer surplus goes together with the concept of consumer For example, many people appreciate Mercedes automobiles for their styling, For example, say a producer is willing to sell 500 widgets at $5 a piece and consumers are willing to purchase these widgets for $8 per widget. May 12, 2008 - If ur talkn about ecology its the bottom of the food chainvegetation, plants, trees, shrubs, etc. Also give two example of each. Most plants are 5 examples of producers in an ocean ecosystem include creatures like phytoplankton, seaweed, kelp, algae, and coral. producer example sentences. Other examples include algae, seaweed, phytoplankton and some bacteria are also producers. Support comes from British dubstep producer Benga who also produced?Example discography -?Live Life Living -?Erin McNaught -?Playing in the ShadowsWhat is an example of a producer? | Ask.comwww.ask.com › Science › BiologyCachedIn biology, plants are the most popular examples of producers.
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